Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Preview of Witness! Novel #2 out in December 2013!

As Marley looked at the serene ocean and all of the happy families, she thought about how different things turned out than how she thought they would. When she came home from school last month only to find her parents being held hostage by people who wanted all of them dead, she saw her life flash before her eyes. And then, when she arrived in Westport, with nothing but her unsteady trust in Lori, she worried. She worried about if she would ever go home, she worried about whether she would fit in and actually be comfortable here, and she worried about if she would ever see Matty again. When Sapphire treated her like dirt and she hated her guts, she thought about how her life sucked and how her world was crashing before her. But, over this past month, her opinion completely changed. She and Sapphire became good friends, she became really close with Luraine, and Suri was like her little sister. Marley really fell in love with her life here, and was actually happy. She wasn't worried about if people were talking about her, or if her underwear was showing, or if she remembered deoderant that day. It was a chance for her to feel peaceful, and that was something she had never felt in her life. “Marley? Marley Fields?” A woman's voice called from behind Marley. She abruptly sat up, and saw a woman. She was her dad's age, and had short wavy brown hair. She was wearing a white sundress, cowgirl boots, and bird feather earrings. “Yes.” Marley said, feeling like she was going to throw up. “I'm Zoey. Marley, I'm your real mother.” OOOOH! SUSPENSE! Just a little piece of what's to come! Maybe you love it, maybe you hate it, maybe it's a snoozer, maybe I'm just sharing this with myself! Let me know what you think? I Tweet, I Facebook, I Wattpad, any social networking site I'm probably on! Thanks for reading! -LiV

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Pet Peeves

   Well, I was working on a new post for today, and all of a sudden, my computer shuts off and I loose all of my progress. Stupid technology. So, I decided that I'd go off the plan and do a pet peeves list. If anyone whose reading this has the same pet peeves as me, let me know! I'd be glad to know that I'm not alone in the world :)
        1. When you bring gum to school and everyone is instantly your best friend. I mean seriously people, how desperate can you be?!
       2. When people rub their feet on the carpet. I hate the sound. It just makes me all grossed out and tingly.
      3. When people act like they know what your talking about and look like an idiot.
     4. When people do everything and use "YOLO" as an excuse. If you only live once, why ruin your life? And anyways, you live every day. You only DIE once.
    5. When people put SWAG in every sentence. It doesn't make you cool people!
    6. When guys with hardly any hair do the Bieber flip. C'mon man, it looke like you've got a twitch. 
    7. When teachers use the "because I said so" excuse. Well, how come you said so?
    8. The DUCK FACE. I don't even think I have to explain myself on that one.
    9. When people quote One Direction lyrics as their Facebook status. Seriously?
    10. When twelve year olds try to look sexy in their profile pictures. You just look like you're constipated.
   11. When people could care less about some body until they die. I bet half of the people who posted "R.I.P Whitney Houston" didn't know her name until it was all over the news.
   12. When peopple who host award shows try to be funny, but look stupid.
    13. When I get spam mail on face book. Someone who weighs like fifty pounds says "OMG I JUST LOST TWENTY POUNDS WITH NUTRISYSTEM!" at least hack someone's page who ISN'T a twig.
    13. When you get messages saying "Bob Smith would like to share his strawberries with you on Farmville" I don't want to share your stupid virtual strawberries with you. LEAVE ME ALONE.
                Those are my pet peeves. I hope you enjoyed!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Blair and Ben's breakup

         Here's a little piece of the book I'm working on:
Tonight is going to be perfect!” Blair said to herself as she lit the last candle of many, placed across her room. Ben had called a few hours earlier, and asked if he could come over and talk. It was a sign from the heavens that they were meant to be. Her boyfriend was coming back, and she was glad she stayed strong. She had Champagne over a bed of ice and chocolate dipped strawberries placed on a tray at the foot of her bed. She was wearing a sheer pink silk gown with lace spaghetti straps and lace trim, with black sparkly high heels, and a black diamond necklace.

Her mom was out at an event, so she and Ben would have the house to themselves.

She sprayed herself once more with Marc Jacobs perfume, and fluffed her hair. The intercom beeped, and she squealed as she speed walked over. She pressed the answer button, silently giggled.

Hey, it's me.” Ben said in his sexy rugged voice.

Awesome. Come on up.” Blair breathed into the intercom. She waited by the door, her eye bulged at the peep hole. Before he could knock, she opened the door and pulled him in.

I'm glad you came.” She smiled and forced herself on top of him. He reluctantly hugged her, trying to give her the idea that this wasn't one of “those” nights. She let go, and grabbed his hand. She lead him to her room. When he entered her room, he felt a surge of guilt. She had set up candles all over the room, and had his favorite champagne. She got the complete wrong idea when he said he wanted to talk. He just wanted to leave and break up with her in a public place, where she couldn't freak out. If he broke up with her know she'd probably punch his face in. But he had to. He couldn't keep stringing her along. Especially if he wanted to get closer with Chelsea.

Blair, listen, we need to talk.” Ben said, heaving a long sigh. Oh god. He sounded so cliché. It's the obvious introduction to a breakup.

Blair sat up, and looked down at her lap. She didn't know what was going on, mainly because on the nights her parents were gone, Ben wanted to do everything but talk.

Blair, I feel like things with us have kind of been rough, and I just don't feel like this is working anymore." Ben lightly flinched, afraid Blair would start breathing fire, and possibly stab him in the neck.

What do you mean, breaking UP?!” Blair jumped off of her bed, and started breathing fast. She didn't want to cry, but part of her did.

Ben stood up off of the bed,

Blair, I'm sorry.”

YOU'RE NOT SORRY! If you actually cared about me you wouldn't be bailing on me the minute I needed you most!” Blair screeched as she wiped mascara tears away from her face. Ben felt REALLY guilty now. He had said it as nice as he could. He was sorry he broke Mimi's promise, but there was no way for this to go down easy with Blair.

Blair, I know that you're going through a lot with your dad but I think we'll both be happier if we end this. We haven't been “us” for a few months now. It doesn't change how I care about you. I still want to be friends.” Ben folded his arms awkwardly. He was completely making it worse with the whole “friend” schpeel.

We will NEVER be friends. I don't want you to speak to me, speak about me, think about me, or even LOOK at me from now on. Get out. And never break those rules AGAIN.” Blair said, opening the door. So that she wouldn't throw up in front of him, she stormed to her bathroom, and locked the door. Ben knew that pleading for forgiveness wouldn't do any good. With her final order, Ben trudged out of the room. That did NOT go as well as he had hoped. Maybe Blair would calm down once she slept on it, but knowing Blair, she was famous for keeping grudges.